All About Go Live Entertainment


Go Live Entertainment is a Geo-Social Networking Platform in which geo-based entertainment content is delivered real-time to enable users to discover, share, and engage with entertainment providers as well as other users.

Up until now it’s been hard to know all the entertainment options going on around you. You have to search it out on the web, read about it in the local paper, or hear about it “word-of-mouth”, and you have to know what you are looking for!

Go Live takes the guessing out of “what’s happening around you” by delivering geo-based real-time entertainment content to you. All you have to do is choose, engage, share, and follow your favorite entertainment options, all while earning rewards for the experience!

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It


Go Live solves the problem of knowing whats going on around you. Login and entertainment options jump of the screen!

Simplifying Search for Real-Time Local Entertainment Options.

You can explore the world of entertainment through Go Live social media and live streaming platform.


Always know whats happening around you. Go Live delivers real-time geo based entertainment options in your current area!

Interact and follow your favorite entertainment provider.

Feel and experience your favorite entertainment from live streaming events, videos and pictures all on this platform.


Know at an instance where everyone is hanging out!

Stay connected to all the Go Livers!

Share the experience with your family and friends on Go Live social media right from your mobile devices.

Easy Social Sharing

Share your posts, page with ease to social networks of your choice.

Amazing App Features

Live Streaming

Share in live events all around the world. Connect with your favorite artist or friends!

Provide Absolutely Unique Content!

Push Notifications

Stay informed on new information related to your profile.

Never miss out on a deal from your favorite hangout!

In mobile settings, users are able to control if and how they receive push notifications.

Explore, Experience, Engage and Share It!

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